... » in alliance with my professional practice as an artist and designer - i engage in a complementary educational practice --

this is a natural extension of my doings that i consider essentially social in nature.
the following text proposes some outlines and conclusions of these educational experiences up to date.«

do not hesitate to contact me for more information on artistic/educative interventions

measuring creative opportunities
creative workshop with children in cooperation with »La Maison des Enfants« in Bordeaux, France, 2013 ;
image credits : Lucie Dujardin, 3w.luciedujardin.fr


on creative workshops

there is a general disposition in everyone to engage with the world and to realize oneself through this interaction. (= vitality)

making art is a form of interaction with the world and a playful realization of oneself in respect to the other. the inter-play of individual experience with worldly matter in a social context is at the heart of creative workshops and artistic projects.

in those regards the proposed activity is elementary -- to such an extent, that it would be counterproductive to be more precise about it. the experience is essentially about the fleeting presence of concrete knowledge.

the result is personal and social learning and understanding.

the role of the educator in this inter-play is to initiate the creative process (spark), to facilitate social interaction and creative output, to give technical support and aesthetic advise and to ensure ethical conduct. (> social sculpture)

in a creative experience the process is of greater importance than the outcome. in that regard the idea of a creative experience differs from an intentionally structured project with a pre-conceived outcome in that it is open-ended. of course a creative workshop can be structured to meet the specific ends of a project.

* > social sculpture
is an extended concept of art, that was advocated by the german artist Joseph Beuys. Beuys believed in elementary human creativity and its potential to initiate social change.

some personal guidelines for conducting a creative workshop

* create a warm and positive atmosphere
* think inclusive and provide space for everyone
* be attentive to the individual mindset, abilities of the participants and consider their limitations
* give initial impulses to spark creative exploration
* participate in all activities
* render yourself available for general and personal assistance
* offer conceptual and technical support
* encourage and inspire self-confidence
* enable a critical view on the outcome of the exercise
* stay flexible and adapt to the particular dynamics of the group in a given environment
* enjoy
techniques and media
story-telling, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, installation
particular attention is given to non-toxic, harmless, resourceful procedures and environmental concerns
work with paper, wood, clay, pigment and color, found objects and natural resources

Centre d'animation Saint-Pierre,Bordeaux, France
continual creative interaction with various public : : my everyday bread and butter :)

La Jenny, domaine résidentiel naturiste, Le Porge France
creativity workshops / artistic practice (2014) : : 2 months artist residence, work with all ages and an open mindset!
proposition : : »fabrique de rêves : soyons réalistes, exigeons l'impossible«
play all day, everyday, forever

La Maison des Enfants, Bordeaux France
creativity workshop / artistic practice (2013) : : for children, 6-8 years old, enrolled in a general arts course
proposition : : »les mains dans la terre - la tête dans les nuages«
storytelling, drawing, work with clay

Surfriders Foundation, Bordeaux France
creativity workshop / artistic practice (2013) : : for college kids, 14-16 years old, environmental project as part of regular school class
proposition : : 3R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) -- valorization of wasted material

Lycée Professionnel Charles Peguy, Bordeaux France
artistic project (2011) : : high school -- young adults, 16-18 years old, production of an art piece
proposition : : introduction to my professional practice and co-production of the art piece »le plan«

L'insoleuse Atelier de Sérigraphie, Bordeaux France
screenprinting workshops : : various public / professional artists
proposition : : making screenprints and printed editions

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence USA
assistant to professor (2007): : undergraduate students in typography class
proposition : : introduction to advanced studies of typography (graduate level)

East London Printmakers, London UK
printmaking tutorials (2005) : : various public / professional artists
proposition : : introduction to various printmaking techniques (screenprint, intaglio, woodcut)

french version coming soon...

Bordeaux, September 2014
Philipp Rumpf

small gallery of work realized during creative workshops